National News

  • 22 poachers killed, 900 held in Zimbabwe this year

    2015-10-08 17:15

    At least 22 poachers were killed and 900 others were arrested this year in Zimbabwe, as the country moved to combat the problem of poaching, the Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Change has reportedly said.

  • Harare’s rotten sewerage infrastructure claims two lives

    2015-10-08 16:15

    It has emerged that a strong chemical smell used to clean human waste within the City of Harare’s public utilities caused the death of two workers who were dumping excrement along a major river on the edge of the city.

  • Zim senator slams abuse of Zimbabweans in Botswana

    2015-10-08 15:15

    A Zimbabwean senator has reportedly condemned the ill-treatment of Zimbabweans working in Botswana, saying they are working without pay and even being whipped.

  • Zim hunger: US, UK pledge $43m for food relief

    2015-10-08 14:15

    Britain and the United States have reportedly launched a programme to rescue at least 650 000 Zimbabwean hunger victims, with the two countries pledging to provide up to $43m for food aid.

  • Police confiscate shoes after Zim elephants poisoned

    2015-10-08 13:15

    Police investigating the poisoning of 11 elephants in Hwange confiscated all shoes from the homes of five suspects in an effort to see whether they were involved, the state wildlife authority said Wednesday.

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